pet loss bereavment counselling services

"When you love deeply, you will grieve deeply"

Pets are a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. Some people may not understand the strong bonds that develop between pets and their owners, and the grief that can be experienced upon the loss of a pet. Grief is a process of physical, emotional, social and cognitive reactions to loss. Each person's grief experience is unique and is influenced by our coping style and strategies, our relationship with the deceased, our loss history, our internal and social resources, and other emotional demands we are facing in our lives at the time of the loss. Many pet owners grieve in isolation, which can complicate grief recovery, and increase the risk of depression. Losing a pet can be as traumatic as the loss of any other relationship. One does not just lose a pet; one loses a loving friend, companion, and a family member. The loss of a pet may also give rise to unfinished grieving from past losses, human or pet. Grief is a natural process that helps you to adjust to a significant loss.

Children develop strong attachments to pets, and relate to them as siblings, confidants, and loving companions. The loss of a pet is often the first experience of death for a child, and can provide opportunities for teaching and guidance regarding loss and grieving. Supporting children at the time of a pet loss can assist them in coping with future losses, and lower the risk of emotional or mental health difficulties associated with loss experiences. Grief counselling and consultation is available to children and their families.

Pet Loss Bereavement Counselling Services is designed to optimize the healing process for each individual client. Most clients can be assisted by a short term counselling approach. A counselling plan will be developed in consultation with each client. At the request of the client, a range of other personal concerns may also be addressed, including anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship conflicts, trauma recovery, and other loss issues.

Consultation to veterinary staff and mental health professionals also available.


• you have no one to talk to about the loss who is sensitive to the human-animal bond

• Your friends and family are uncomfortable or concerned with the intensity of your grief and unable to give you the support you need

• You feel depressed and isolated because family and friends have become impatient with you or avoid talking to you about the deceased

• A sudden, untimely and unexpected death has occurred

• You have experienced a death that has involved violence and/or horrifying details

• You are haunted by thoughts and images of the death

• You are already overwhelmed by the pressures and demands in your life

• You have a history of losses, trauma or abuse: grief associated with current losses can trigger unresolved feelings and thoughts about your past experiences

• You have experienced other losses on or around the same time

• You are troubled by guilt associated with your petís death

• Your grief is so intense that you are distracted by it an cannot focus on anything else

• You feel overwhelmed and exhausted and your emotional distress persists without relief or change

• You cannot see a future for yourself

• You are aware of unfinished business with the deceased

You have thoughts of self-harm or suicide

• You are having difficulty coping with daily living tasks and routines


Complimentary Initial Consultation Session (1/2 Hour)

Flexible Payment Plan available

Counselling Services may be covered by some insurance plans (group employee benefits) and by some Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Consultation and Workshop Fees based on time and work requirements

**Please note: Pet Loss Bereavement Counselling does not offer legal or veterinary advice**

pet loss bereavment counselling services